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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blog Tour - Brynn Stein, Waiting for Patrick

Please welcome Brynn Stein to Chaos in the Moonlight. Check out her post and the blog tour for her new release.


Welcome to my blog tour for Waiting for Patrick. I’m offering giveaways of one signed copy, one electronic copy, and a choice of one title from my backlist. Comment below and at any of my other blog stops (posted below) to be entered to win. One comment, one entry. Dreamspinner is offering my other paranormal titles (Haunted, Lifeline, and  What No One Else Can Hear ) for $0.99 during “Weekend Reads” on September 2, 3, and 4, in honor of Waiting for Patrick being my ninth published book. Waiting for Patrick will be available at a discounted price throughout the tour (September 1 through 15). Winners of the raffle will be announced on September 16th.

I’ve mentioned in other posts that Sheri is probably my favorite character in Waiting for Patrick. I love the boys, of course (Elliot and Ben), and even Daniel. But Sheri is my favorite. She’s fiery and outspoken and gets away with things I sometimes secretly wish I could. She’s not based on me by any means, though. She’s a consummate extrovert. I’m an ambivert, at best, (usually more like a solid introvert).

I really like the relationship between Elliot and Sheri. They’ve been friends all their adult lives and Elliot thinks of her as his “greatest ally”. But they pick on each other unmercifully. Sheri is one of those people who will be sugary sweet and polite if she doesn’t know you or doesn’t like you. A typical southern gal. But if you’re a friend, heaven help you. No holds barred.

Here’s an excerpt showing just a peak of their relationship. Malcolm is Sheri’s boyfriend, and they’re at Elliot’s house for movies. (Scene opens with Sheri in the kitchen fixing salads for dinner for all three of them).

Elliot has hinted at thinking he has a ghost in his house. Sheri, ever practical (unless she doesn’t want to be), refuses to believe it. That doesn’t stop her from picking on him about it. But Elliot always gives as good as he gets.

“Well”—Malcolm pitched his voice just loud enough for her to still hear—“we could watch movies until Tuesday with all the ones you have here.”

Elliot smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll kick you out long before Tuesday.”

Malcolm dropped the considerable stack into Elliot’s lap. “Choose, O wise one.” And then he took a seat on the sofa, brushing off imaginary lint from his shirt and tugging at the wrinkles on his dress slacks.

Elliot looked at the proffered titles. He wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy or violent, so he picked out the Die Hard and Terminator movies right away and set them aside on the chair-side table. He didn’t care to watch a romcom, not that he ever did—though the one with Mark Ruffalo gave him pause. He had to admit the man was sexy as sin. But Elliot finally threw Just Like Heaven and the other two on the table and continued looking through the stack.

Frozen?” He stared at the cover of the animated feature, then looked pointedly at Malcolm. “I ask you, do I look like the type of person who would watch Disney movies?” 

Sheri appeared in the archway, carrying a tray with three bowls, presumably of salad, and as many glasses. “Not where anyone else could see you watching them, anyway.” She grinned at Elliot’s scowl and placed the tray on the coffee table. “Pick something else.”

Elliot couldn’t believe the next title. “Ghost? Really, Cher?”

“What? Patrick Swayze is hot.” She handed out bowls of salad and glasses of soda, then gave forks to all concerned. Taking her own bowl to the sofa, she sat close to Malcolm and dug in.

“I’m right here, Sheri.” Malcolm took his salad and sank back into the sofa to start on it.

She kissed his cheek. “You’re hot too, sweetie.”

Elliot held the movie case in one hand and slapped it repeatedly against the back of his other hand. “You know, I have half a mind to watch this, just because I know you only brought it to pick on me.”

“You only have half a mind at the best of times, Elle.”

“That’s it.” He threw the case to Malcolm. “Put it in.”

Architect Elliot Graham has bought and restored dozens of historic homes to their original splendor. As in his personal life, he loves them and leaves them, selling them off without looking back. But there’s something about the old plantation house he finds in South Carolina—a connection he can’t explain. He feels as though he recognizes the house, as if within its crumbling walls he might find something he doesn’t even realize he’s lost.

Ben Myers had promised his lover and soul mate, Patrick, that he would wait for his return. Ben has kept his word ever since Patrick left him to wait at the plantation house—during the Civil War. For the first time in many long years, Ben is no longer alone, and he reaches out to Elliot in dreams. Elliot tries to convince Ben that Patrick isn’t coming back, but Ben’s devotion is about to change not only his lonely existence, but Elliot’s life as well.

Buy Link:


About the Author
Brynn has always loved to write about strong male characters and their close friendships. When she found the world of m/m fiction, she fell in love. Finally, a way to bring those strong male characters together and let those emotional connections spill over into deeper relationships. Sometimes her characters go through the emotional wringer, but they always have each other.

Brynn lives in Virginia near her two grown daughters who support her writing and sometimes act as proof readers. Both of her daughters are also aspiring writers and hopefully it'll just be a matter of time before they have their own author's biography.

Brynn was a teacher by profession for thirty years. She worked in special education with children with emotional disabilities. She has recently changed careers and is now working as a mental health counselor to this same population and their families. When she is not working or writing, she loves to draw and paint. She also gets outside as often as she can, reads anything that doesn't move out of the way, and is always looking for her next story.

Contact Brynn:

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Flash Fiction Monday - Shipping Out

Hey, look at that. I'm dusting off the blog after a really long time - too long actually. It's time to become more active and I'm starting with something I've wanted to do for a while - flash fiction.

I joined a group on Facebook, Monday Flash Fics, so I'm going to give this an actual try. The photo was actually my idea and it was originally posted on July 4th, making it kind of special. I'm really rusty when it comes to this stuff so I hope I do it justice.

The rules of the group are under 500 words but I cheated and ended up with 506. It's better than the 582 I had to begin with though. Here we go.

Shipping out

Shipping out—two simple words meaning so much to so many. Two simple words with opposing, yet important, meanings: pride and shame, love and hate, life and death. And Ryder experienced them all every time Mark had to ship out.

Pride was the simplest. Ryder was proud from the tips of his ears to the heels of his feet of the brave, patriotic, and strong man he intended to share the rest of his life with. And Mark deserved every ounce of pride Ryder felt.

Shame rolled around in the guilt that consumed Ryder during quiet moments of contemplation. It came when soldier-Mark was packing his duffle, making sure everything was ship-shape and up to code, on his way to make a difference in the world. Ryder's hockey career didn't exactly gain him any points for heroism, and though he was doing something he loved, it was hard to measure up to a man risking his life for his country.

Love was a given. He'd loved Mark since college, loved him in a way he fought and struggled against for too many months while Mark waited patiently for him to figure himself out. Love kept Ryder going when his world became suddenly smaller, when his family didn't quite accept what he was and whom he loved. Mark was there with gentle encouraging love when Ryder was afraid to come out to his teammates. And not just there metaphorically, he'd been at Ryder's side, one strong hand pressed to Ryder's back in silent support.

Love was Mark and Mark was love.

Hate was entwined with anger, fear and sadness. When Mark put on the uniform, when he became soldier-Mark, Ryder was ashamed to admit he hated it at first. He hated army green and camouflage, field caps and tucked-in pants, combat boots and shoulder patches—but never for long. It was always an initial response to Mark leaving. But in reality, Ryder knew the uniform was part of what Mark was…for now, so how could he possibly hate anything about it?

Life and death went hand-in-hand when someone you loved shipped out. Mark was Ryder's life, but the repercussions of him leaving were terrifying and all too real.

"Hey." Ryder turned to look at his partner, suddenly aware the hot coffee he'd been clutching was lukewarm and Mark was staring at him. "Where'd you go?"

He ducked his head. "We should get married."

"What…what did you say?" Mark slid an arm behind Ryder, wide grin blocking out the sun. "You got something stronger than java in that mug?"

Ryder's confidence soared when he finally met Mark's gaze. "I don't plan on getting down on one knee and I don't have a ring, but I'd really like to marry you when you get back."

A breath-stealing kiss seemingly sealed the deal. And the rib-breaking hug that followed was all the answer Ryder needed. Shipping out was still stressful but Ryder felt he'd made the right choice in all the right ways—pride, love, life, and Mark.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gratitude & Giving Day 30 - NJ Nielsen

Hi everyone,
Firstly, thank you K-lee for letting me be a part of this hop. The theme is Gratitude & Giving. So I thought today I’ve decided to review the year that’s coming to an end and talk about 12 things I’m most thankful for—one for each month of the year… Most will revolve around my family.

·      My family, for always having my back no matter how stressed our lives become. They always make me see that life is worth living. Plus, Mum and Ethan (my son) for making sure I have my first cup of coffee every day. Also thanks for keeping me supplied in loose leaf paper and a multitude of pens.

·      Again my family for making me minimalize my life and the house… if we haven’t used it in over a year then it has to go… I have lost half my wardrobe because I wear the same handful of things over and over. I’m grateful I have a family I can dole things out to… I had a shitload of plastic wear in the kitchen that will soon be housed at a childcare centre… now that it’s just Mum, Ethan, and me at home I didn’t need it.

·      My husband who has let me be a writer, while he worked to support us… I love him more with every passing day—even if he is now living in a whole different country, and we only get to see him every couple of months or so.

·      My son, Ethan for trying in school and getting better grades than last year… he’s improved enough to be offered a spot in the alternative year 10 program, which is for boys that find it hard in school… instead of normal subjects he will be learning how to run a business. I know next year will be even better for him. He also went out and got a part time job to be able to chip in with paying for his schooling.

·      For my daughter, Emily for sticking it out in uni—even with the really tough subjects she struggled with. I know in the end she’ll be excited that she did it, even if it does mean a course change.

·      My pets for loving me unconditionally—even on the hardest days they are there listening and giving me their silent support. I never really wanted cats, but now I love them all (in case you are wondering I have 3: Droogie, Willow, Toby, and a peach face named Hector).

·      My characters, even though they drive me to distraction most days. At least while they are there harassing me, I know I still have many more stories to come—may they be as annoying next year, and for all the years that follow.

·      To my readers… For those who read my blogs—thank you for letting me ramble, you wouldn’t believe how helpful that is when I’m trying to sort shit out in my head…. For those who read my books—you make what I do worthwhile. I know that I can’t please everyone, but as long as one reader is happy than I know my job is done.

·      My wonderful editors: Christie N… Faith BB… Jamie DR… without you all I would be a mess. Thank you for your patience when it comes to explaining things to me in a way that I can understand.

·   My wonderful publishers: Fireborn Publishing… MLRPress… Totally Bound (Pride Publishing) Thank you for giving me the chance to live out a dream I’ve had since I was a child. Hopefully we will have many more years to come.

·      My friends on social media (you know who you are) I may not join in the conversation every day, but I love reading your words… whether they be about your books, real life, or just bitching about having a bad day—because it tells me I’m not the only one in the world who has problems. Also thankful every now and again I get to have my own drama filled rants.

·      Most of all I’m thankful I finally have my office back to myself. I never realised how hard it is to share—even if it is with family. I struggled this year to get the peace and quiet I need to write… Now Emily has moved out and has taken all of her uni books I once again have my private space… I will be able to spread out and have my research a fingertip away instead of having to search it out because someone else has moved it… I know this one sounds like I’m bitching, and I probably am—but I really am thankful to have my own space back, because I have a full on writing schedule for 2016.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and the Happiest of New Years. May the new year be more productive than the year just past for us all. I look forward to reading everyone’s new works.


In the season of giving—I’m offering two books from my back list (even if it’s the new Hidden Hearts Book: One last Kiss Goodbye—which is an old story that has been heavily re written and extended—releasing January 1st from Fireborn Publishing). All I need is for you two give me your two choices and what format you need them in and I will get them to you as soon as possible—Good luck everyone.


NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ arguing with Vlad, her muse, or writing about the wonderful men in her stories, you’ll find her reading work by other authors she greatly admires. NJ lives on five acres situated in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career (even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names), and her variety of pets. NJ thinks anyone who takes the time to read her stuff is totally awesome, and wants to thank you all.

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